trip to college

The college i went to was DMACC. The best thing about it was the pizza they gave us and i wouldn’t want to go to school there because I want to go to a D1 college. All I saw there was a auditorium, hallways, and big rooms with maschines in them. You have to pay 18,034 a year to go there and it’s basically a college for engineering, if your in to engineering then you should go there. They also have a football and basketball team, there called the bears.

phones in school

I think students should be able to have their phones in school. What I mean by that is we should be able to use them in the hallways and in classrooms when we have free time. Teacher’s would probably get mad because students would be on their phones while the teacher is giving a lesson, and no one would be listening. It would cause madness because if a student got bumped and dropped their phone they would get mad and fight, they would be late for classes because they would take their time on their phone. It would be good if we could use our phones because it would be way faster than the computers, we could look up facts, contact parents and see how were getting home, what were doing after school, or if were staying after school


As we move through the fall season many of you will choose the option to forgo overseeding this season to save some water. With the prime growing season behind us you’re going to start to see your lawn start to slow down. The days are becoming shorter and your warm season grass is starting to need less inputs. There are a couple areas where you can cut back this winter to save yourself money. I will go into detail what you need to maintain a non-overseeded lawn during the winter, and go briefly over an overseeded lawn watering and fertilizer schedule.

My first suggestion for those that will not be overseeding is to turn your irrigation clock off except on the day you will be watering. Having your lawn set up to automatically run certain days and times during the fall/winter will cause you to use much more water than your lawn can utilize.

A warm season grass needs night time temperatures in excess of 65 degrees to grow, and it’s doubtful we will have more than a couple days reaching that temperature during the next four months. Temperatures right now in the desert regions are hovering around 80 degrees for a high, but with the cool nights your lawn doesn’t need as much water as it does in the spring when it is coming out of dormancy. Between now and Thanksgiving, I suggest you water no more than once per week putting down about ¾” of water per week. In general a pop up sprinkler will apply between .3 to .4 inches of water every fifteen minutes. An impact sprinkler will apply between .2 and .25 inches in fifteen minutes. These numbers vary depending on water pressure, nozzles, and sprinkler type.


FOOD! Everyone likes food, some food that i like is McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco bell. Some food that is in our culture and that’s in my family are cheese burgers, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, apple sauce, and spaghetti. There is a lot more i could say but that would take for ever and if you want to know just look up “american food”. I like mexican food, i like tacos, spicy rice, burritos, and tortillas. You should try mexican food if you never have because its pretty bomb.

image blog

Holloween is coming up! My family doesn’t really celebrate it but one of the holidays we do celebrate is thanks giving. We celebrate thanks giving because we always have and my great grandmother died in, she was the oldest in the family so she was basically the head of our family. On thanks giving the whole family gets together at my house and we all eat, talk, and have fun.

raise your voice

If you are getting bully’d don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t be afraid to say any thing to them or tell an adult. If you don’t defend yourself they will just keep bullying you because they know your afraid. The reason why people bully is because they get bully’d and they take there anger out on other people and it makes them feel good. If you raise your voice at them you might scare them and they’ll stop. When people get bully’d they feel like trash, a lot of people out there have been bully’d and some of them have even killed there self.